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Cerberus University

Multimedia educational content designed for you!  

All are welcome to be our students at Cerberus University (CU). There is content for all levels of technological experience and knowledge.

Why CU?

To help you to expand your knowledge of the cybersecurity industry regardless of your level of experience.  It’s all here, from the fundamentals to much more advanced topics, online multimedia content for you to access and grow your understanding of critical industry topics. We’re here to help you think through the issues that affect your company’s cybersecurity posture and offer ways for you to make it better.

CU began in August 2022 and new content will be added every few weeks. Hope to CU soon!

How is it set up?

Like a University! We have courses, departments, professors, and invited guests – that is, our world-class experts here at Cerberus. We provide two types of webcasts: Shorts that are about 5 minutes long or and usually answer a specific question at a high-level or is a How-To. Primes are about 20 minutes in length and delve deeper into the topic often as a presentation or as a panel. We provide supporting Blogs and White Papers to round out your learning. 

Cerberus University Departments

Below are the individual departments with multimedia content within each to increase your cybersecurity knowledge base.

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Our dedicated team of experts work together to ensure our courses are accurate and informative. 

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