Chris Clements Discusses Phishing Emails Impersonating POTUS & More

Chris Clements, VP of Solutions Architecture at Cerberus Sentinel, shares his insights into phishing emails that attempt to impersonate POTUS, CDC, and WHO

Chris Clements Discusses Phishing Emails Impersonating POTUS & More Image

Chris Clements Discusses Phishing Emails Impersonating POTUS & More – Recent Phishing Attack Impersonates President and Vice President

By Ben Canner

“Scammers take advantage of any newsworthy opportunity they can to hook new victims.  We’ve been seeing a mass “re-branding” of phishing and malware campaigns to COVID-19. The attacks and malware are the same but the email lures are co-opting messaging around the pandemic by impersonating well-known authorities such as the White House, CDC, and WHO.  Now more than ever consumers should utilize “trusted paths” such as going to those organizations’ websites directly rather than clicking a link or opening an attachment in an email to access important information about the pandemic.” – Chris Clements

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