David Jemmett Discusses Apple Vulnerabilities

David Jemmett, CEO of Cerberus Sentinel, shares his insights into this surprising revelation.

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David Jemmett Discusses Apple Security Shock As Mac Threats Outpace Microsoft Windows By 2 To 1

Davey Winder

Feb 11, 2020

Cybercriminals could care less what platform you use

David Jemmett, CEO of Cerberus Sentinel, says that people are under a delusion about the Mac malware threat being less than Windows. “You must first understand that Mac is built on a UNIX platform with a GUI interface,” Jemmett says, “seasoned hackers have been penetrating or taking over UNIX systems since the beginning of ARPANET.” Jemmett agrees with the premise that cybercriminals don’t care what OS, machine or type of connection you have to the internet. “They only care if they can extract money from the source of an attack,” he says, “Mac users as a whole have heard the myth they are safer with Mac than a Windows PC. Those statements are false and should be stricken from anyone’s thoughts and taken out of everyone’s vocabulary.”

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