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Comprehensive Remediation Services

CCSC works with organizations to help them address their security concerns by identifying potential vulnerabilities and threats and then assisting them to implementing the necessary solutions to mitigate risk and protect confidential data.

  • Vulnerability and Threat monitoring
  • End point detection
  • Encryption of data in motion and at rest
  • Malware protection
  • HIPAA, SOC2, PCI DSS policies and procedures review and/or creation
  • Implement a compliance dashboard for continuous compliance monitoring
  • Completion of a security risk assessment
  • Implement an incident response solution
  • Create an audit readiness plan (any or all of the above and more)

We understand the unique challenges facing the healthcare industry today and offer a comprehensive set of managed security solutions and services to help organizations minimize their risk:

  • Asset management for compliance
  • Infrastructure assessment and performance review
  • Secure gateway and firewall assessment and configuration
  • Network performance monitoring
  • Network access controls
  • Confidential and physician portal vulnerability detection and prevention
  • End point intrusion detection and analysis
  • Secure encryption (for data in motion and at rest)
  • Monitoring and protecting medical devices
  • Malware prevention and analysis
  • Security risk assessment and audits
  • Review and creation of policies, processes and procedures
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Implementation of automated incident response platform
  • Implementation of our security compliance dashboard
  • Assist in the creation of an audit readiness plan

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