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Vulnerability Assessments

CCSC provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services for organizations of all sizes. We help our valued clients protect and secure their infrastructure, networks, data and users against today’s advancing cyber threats and attacks. We work closely with you to ensure your data is protected and that you are meeting the compliance and privacy rules, regulations and requirements in areas such as HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, PCI DSS, Cyber Security Framework, and others.

Security Risk Gap Analysis

  • We provide you with a comprehensive review and evaluation of the current state of your security, for your infrastructure, network, data and users as well as your operational processes, procedures and gaps in coverage. We do a thorough vulnerability assessment to identify potential areas of security risk, and then provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Utilizing the latest in technology, linked with our security expertise, we provide manual and automated configuration reviews on the existing confidential data infrastructure and network devices. We identify any systems and devices with missing software patches, insecure configuration settings, and authentication vulnerabilities. We review potential internet exposures within web applications such as input validation, service and application configuration, and authentication vulnerabilities.

Advanced Threat Intelligence and Analytics

  • We help guard you against the threat of damaging and potentially costly confidential data security breaches that are occurring on a more frequent basis. Our Threat Intelligence and Analytic solutions can alert you to potential risks so that our team can assist you in mitigating those risks.
  • We help guard your perimeter as well as your internal data systems, applications, and data storage environments from advanced persistent threats. We can and are able to monitor your systems to identify unauthorized access attempts, user activity, and detect potential cyber security threats and attacks that might otherwise go undetected.

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