Security Operations Center (SOC) – Service Overview

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Cerberus Sentinel – Security Operations Center (SOC) – Service Overview. SOC Services leverage the infrastructure and expertise of a dedicated 24/7 security monitoring team to identify and stop cyberattacks, a critical component of every security program. Publicly traded (Ticker: CISO). Add a protective layer between you and the outside world. What Is A Security Operations Center (SOC)? Security Operations Center as a service allows your organization to leverage the infrastructure and expertise of a dedicated security monitoring team for a fraction of the cost of building your own. A SOC is the best way to quickly identify and stop cyberattacks before they can cause widespread damage to an organization and is a critical component of any security program.

Cerberus Sentinel specializes in cybersecurity solutions that build a culture of security within an organization, enabling them to improve security, lower risk profile, optimize IT infrastructure, and meet regulatory compliance demands with extensive and comprehensive compliance review. Our Philosophy – Cybersecurity is a culture, not a product®. We believe culture is the foundation of every successful cybersecurity and compliance program. To deliver this outcome, we developed MCCP+ our holistic approach that ensures you’re secure in every area of your business. We are a publicly traded cybersecurity company listed with ticker CISO. A nationwide provider of consulting and managed services, with offices and resources across the USA, we specialize in building a culture of awareness for our clients. Founded with the belief that an acquisition approach is the best way to address the industry-wide skills gap. We are focused on cybersecurity, compliance, and the culture that drives success, acquiring world-class engineering talent who utilize the latest technology to create innovative solutions to protect even the most demanding businesses and governments against continuing and emerging threats.