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Cybersecurity Services


Managed Detection And Response

Stops attacks in your endpoints, before they can ever reach the network to wreak havoc.

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Extended Detection And Response

SIEM-like visibility combined with MDR-Caliber response, AI, automation, and more.

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SOC as a Service

Experienced staffed, 24/7 continuous monitoring with embedded ML & AI.

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Secured Managed Services

Minimize your downtime & increase your productivity with cybersecurity, compliance, and culture in mind.

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Incident Response

Your best defense is a trusted partner who can help you prepare for and respond to incidents when they occur.

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CISO as a Service

CISOaaS gives you affordable access to the expertise of experienced information security leaders.

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Penetration Testing

Highly skilled team with over 20 years penetration testing experience with a holistic approach to testing and remediation.

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Forensic Investigation

Certified cybersecurity forensic investigators capable of assisting you with legal and insurance claims.

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Data Protection Services

With SentryPRO managed data protection, the restoration of your backup is tested daily, so you know that when you need it most, your data will be there for you.

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