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IT Security Managed services

Your network and infrastructure performance are vital to the success of any organization and supporting a solid IT and Security strategy is key to any business. If your systems are not at peak performance the entire organization is affected. The CCSC team has years of experience in designing and managing networks and infrastructure. Our executive team has been involved in designing, building, revamping and/or managing over 27 data centers across the country. Our team was involved in designing, building and managing one of the first healthcare specific HIPAA compliant hosting companies in the nation. We also have expertise in Broadband networking, having managed one of the largest carriers in the world. We know IT and Security which helps us work closely with your team to provide the best solutions for your organization, with services that include:

  • Infrastructure and network assessment services
  • Data and or server migration
  • Enterprise network design
  • Assess and deploy network security systems
  • Phone and communication services including VoIP
  • Technology Operation Process and Procedures

Without question this is both an exciting and challenging time in the Country today for Cyber Security. The industry is faced with a number of regulatory compliance requirements with associated deadlines. Along with these requirements comes change. Companies will need to continue to seek new ways to improve operational performance, maintain compliance requirements and deadlines while continuing to ensure patient safety and deliver better and cost effective quality healthcare.

Optimizing use of IT will be the key to successfully attaining these goals. Organizations that can quickly adapt to the ever-changing landscape will be the winners. To win requires a team effort and at times an experienced partner that understands the environment. CCSC stands ready to be that partner. Our services offer clients a team of experienced professionals with a depth of competencies in this arena.

Our services can help optimize IT infrastructure to ensure improved resource utilization and help maximize performance. Examples of evaluation areas include:

  • Resource optimization to reduce costs
  • Options to provide an efficient and scalable infrastructure
  • Developing the correct infrastructure strategy to meet client specific goals
  • Targeting areas of resource gaps

Our professionals work with clients to help assure complete and easily communicated processes and procedures are in place. Outcome examples include:

  • Reduction in duplication of effort
  • Adherence to defined standards
  • Enhancement of information flow throughout a system
  • Promote adaptability, flexibility and agility required for a changing environment
  • Maintain effective change management policies and practices

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