A Major University Almost Lost Their Entire Infrastructure to a Cyber Attack

Are you making the same mistakes that they made? See where they went wrong and learn how the right XDR solution would have stopped the attack automatically and saved millions of dollars and prevented extensive data loss.

Read our case study and see if you’re making the same mistakes that they did.  

Attackers love to establish a covert presence in target systems over long periods of time. This allows them to deeply penetrate infrastructure and seize sensitive assets.  

Learn how Cerberus Sentinel was engaged by a major university after suffering a near total infrastructure loss and asked to pay ransom. After a forensic investigation the true extent of the attack became clear – attackers had been inside their systems for months using legitimate tools. A well configured XDR solution could have stopped the attack.

Don’t Get Owned Like They Did.

Learn How to Stop Attacks with this Case Study