Cybersecurity Is A Culture,
Not A Product®

CISO Shield

Our Philosophy

Cybersecurity is a culture,
not a product®

We believe culture is the foundation of every successful cybersecurity and compliance program.

To deliver this outcome, we developed MCCP+ our holistic approach that ensures you’re secure and compliant in every area of your business.

Our Solution

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The Cerberus Sentinel Solution


Managed Compliance & Cybersecurity Provider + Culture

MCCP+ is the only solution that provides all three of these programs under one roof from a dedicated team of subject matter experts. We are industry leaders who work collaboratively to solve complex cybersecurity challenges, meet strict compliance requirements, and educate your team on the role they play in the cybersecurity and compliance of your organization. This is the Cerberus Sentinel Solution.

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Security Risk Assessments
Penetration Testing
GAP Analysis
Vulnerability Scanning
End-Point Monitoring

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Awareness Training
Phishing Detection
Threat Reporting
Certification Training
Budgeting & Planning

Our Process

CISO Process
CISO 4 Step Process to Success

The Cerberus Sentinel Process

Cerberus Sentinel is your roadmap to success. Our end-to-end holistic process covers every aspect of your company’s cybersecurity and compliance needs. MCCP+ begins with developing an understanding of your current cybersecurity and compliance program through assessments and testing. We then undertake initiatives to fill gaps and remediate issues. To tie it all together, we deploy our training program that establishes your new culture of awareness. This process ensures no stone is left unturned on your journey to becoming secure, compliant, and aware.

Our Approach

CISO Process

The Cerberus Sentinel Difference

CISO Process

Partnership Approach

Our business model is different, we’re not consultants, we‘re dedicated partners available to you on a recurring monthly contract. We know that finding top talent is nearly impossible right now, so adding our subject matter and industry experts to your team is the ideal solution. We provide what you need so you can stay focused on running your business.

CISO Process

Technology Agnostic

We strongly believe in remaining technology agnostic. This approach enables us to work with any business, no matter the systems or tools, and ensures we’re able to choose the best tools and technology for your specific business needs.

Our Services

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Cerberus Sentinel Security Managed Services

Gone are the days of finding and hiring multiple cybersecurity and compliance vendors. Cerberus Sentinel provides the complete package of cybersecurity and compliance services. With our Security Managed Services your compliance and cybersecurity challenges can be solved rapidly and your objectives can be accomplished efficiently. Our in-house team of subject matter and industry experts deliver our holistic process collaboratively with your team.

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Compliance Services

We know compliance like the back of our hand. From CMMC to NIST, StateRAMP to FedRAMP, we have the skills and expertise to guide you every step of the way.

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Secured Managed Services

Full scale business networking services with 24/7 concierge tech support, professional grade administration, security configuration and patch management.

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CISO Services

We’re your trusted partner with the experience needed to design a cybersecurity strategy, build a plan of attack, allocate budget, manage teams, and handle executive level reporting.

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Incident Response

When the worst happens, we are there to help you pick up the pieces. We stop the hackers in their tracks, reverse the damage, and stop the bad guys from coming back.

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Certified Forensics

Cerberus Sentinel’s certified cybersecurity forensic experts collect and preserve evidence for legal proceedings and insurance claims.

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Remediation Services

Our comprehensive approach to remediation means you only need one company to repair your systems, restore your data, & remove intruders

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Assessment Services

The only way for you to know the state of your cybersecurity & compliance is from assessments. We provide the full range of assessment services to enable you to eliminate risks, gaps, & vulnerabilities.

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Testing Services

Security testing is crucial to a strong cybersecurity program. We test everything from networks & applications to med devices & aircraft. We also offer social engineering & red team exercises.

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Training Services

Our training programs empower your team to eliminate hacker’s attempts with a range of certification prep courses and our unique approach to creating a culture of awareness.

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SOC Services

Leverage the infrastructure and expertise of a dedicated 24/7 security monitoring team to identify and stop cyberattacks, a critical component of every security program.


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About Cerberus Sentinel

We are a publicly traded cybersecurity company listed with ticker CISO. A nationwide provider of consulting and managed services, with offices and resources across the USA, we specialize in building a culture of awareness for our clients.

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About Us


Founded with the belief that an acquisition approach is the best way to address the industry-wide skills gap. We are focused on cybersecurity, compliance, and the culture that drives success, acquiring world-class engineering talent who utilize the latest technology to create innovative solutions to protect even the most demanding businesses and governments against continuing and emerging threats.

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CEO & Founder

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Talent acquisition is our founding philosophy. We focus on acquiring world-class engineering talent who specialize in solving big challenges. If you are ready to take your career or company to the next level, the best way to get noticed is to take the initiative by reaching out to us and starting the conversation.

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