Cyber attacks are always evolving...
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Enable a Cybersecurity Culture with our Elite Team of Experts.
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  • Results Oriented

    Cerberus Sentinel is an elite team of security experts. We think beyond cyber products and partner with your entire team to create a holistic security solution. We guide and protect your business with confidence.

    Cerberus Sentinel 360° Culture of Cybersecurity

  • Compliance Risk Exposure Review

    We seek out all of your cybersecurity vulnerabilities, especially those unique to your industry or organization. We then build a customer 360° solution utilizing the products you already have and by creating an aware, tactic-driven culture of cybersecurity with your entire team.

  • Security Breach and Incident Management

    An elite and experienced team is required to contain and forensically analyze a security incident or breach.  Speak to an expert from our rapid detection and response team.

Do you have an active Security Breach?

Help is one click away! It is never too late to start transforming your security stance and culture.

Organizational Security Strategy

With Cerberus Sentinel, defining a security posture for your company is no different than aligning culture and branding. It takes a plan and experience. Find out more on how Cerberus Sentinel can help your business transform.

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Vulnerability Assessments

Looking to complete PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC or another framework audit successfully? It all starts with an assessment of your program and environment. Let Cerberus Sentinel evaluate your configurations and provide recommendations for you.

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Threat Intelligence and Analytics

The most damaging threat to businesses is not knowing that your environment is compromised and confidential data at risk. Cerberus Sentinel helps guard the perimeter as well as your internal systems.

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Ready to start your Security Culture transformation?

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