Cybersecurity Is A Culture, Not A Product®

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Our Philosophy

Cybersecurity is a culture,
not a product®

We believe culture is the backbone of cybersecurity and compliance.

Our Approach


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Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance Provider + Culture Program

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We approach cybersecurity and compliance holistically. Our MCCP+ process begins with understanding your current cybersecurity and compliance program, then implements initiatives to fill the gaps, remediate the issues, and establish a culture of awareness. We are a team of industry leaders who work collaboratively to solve complex cybersecurity challenges and meet strict compliance requirements while educating your team to the role they play in the security and compliance of your organization.

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What our clients say…

CISO Banking Sector Image

Cerberus Sentinel’s managed monitoring and culture program successfully defended us against multiple ransomware attempts. Their culture program trained our employees to spot and report phishing emails.

– CISO, Global Financial Institution
CISO Healthcare Sector Image

Cerberus Sentinel makes compliance effortless to navigate and easy to understand

– CISO, Healthcare Company
CISO Hotel Sector Image

Cerberus Sentinel’s penetration test and vulnerability scan uncovered flaws that could have sidelined our business

– CEO, Industry Leading Hotel Chain
CISO Manufacturing Sector Image

Cerberus Sentinel made CMMC preparation fast, simple, and painless

– CEO, Manufacturing Company


Our consulting engagements help you move from problem to resolution by delivering a team of experts to tackle your biggest challenges. From creating a risk remediation plan or implementing a compliance framework to responding to a cybersecurity incident or training your team to identify cyber threats and compliance risks, we have the skills and expertise you need.

CISO Consulting Cybersecurity Sector and Service


  • PenTest; Network, WebApp, Med Device, and more…
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Gap Assessment
  • Remediation Roadmap
  • Incident Response
  • Vulnerability/Malware/Ransomware Scanning
CISO Consulting Compliance Sector and Service


  • NIST
  • FedRAMP
  • StateRAMP
  • CMMC
CISO Consulting Culture Sector and Service


  • Phishing Training
  • Ransomware Training
  • Organizational Change
  • Executive Level Awareness Training
  • Baseline Awareness Assessments

Managed Services

Your cybersecurity, compliance, and culture needs are in good hands with our MCCP+ managed services program. Going beyond products, our cybersecurity, compliance, and culture experts work holistically ensuring you are covered in all directions. We deliver world-class talent directly to your team on a monthly basis that’s designed specifically for your company’s needs. Our industry leading SLA’s provide you with assurance that we are truly focused on your priorities.

CISO Managed Services Cybersecurity Sector and Service


Monitoring - Management - Protection

From endpoints and networks to databases and applications, we monitor, manage, and protect the tools and systems you rely on to run your business.

CISO Managed Services Compliance Sector and Service


Frameworks - Implementation - Monitoring

The complex rules and regulations governing how you run your business will no longer be a burden with our compliance framework implementation and monitoring program. We ensure you won’t run afoul of your obligations while enabling your business to run as efficiently.

CISO Managed Services Culture Sector and Service


Establishing a Culture of Awareness

Our culture program provides continuous education, training, and monitoring to ensure that all parts of your org (exec, IT, end users) understand their role in preventing cyber attacks and compliance risks.

About Cerberus Sentinel

We are a publicly traded cybersecurity company listed with ticker CISO. A nationwide provider of consulting and managed services, with offices and resources across the USA, we specialize in building a culture of awareness for our clients.

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About Us


Founded with the belief that an acquisition approach is the best way to address the industry-wide skills gap. We are focused on cybersecurity, compliance, and the culture that drives success, acquiring world-class engineering talent who utilize the latest technology to create innovative solutions to protect even the most demanding businesses and governments against continuing and emerging threats.

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David Jemmett

CEO & Founder

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Bryce Hancock


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Neil Reithinger

CFO Advisor

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Baan Alsinawi


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Deb Smith


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Jim Kleeman

EVP Business Development

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Kyle Young

VP Operations

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Brian Yelm

Managing Director & EVP Sales

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David Jemmett


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Robert C. Oaks


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Andy McCain


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Scott Holbrook


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Stephen Scott


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Sandra Douglass Morgan


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Kiki VanDeWeghe



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Talent acquisition is our founding philosophy. We focus on acquiring world-class engineering talent who specialize in solving big challenges. If you are ready to take your career or company to the next level, the best way to get noticed is to take the initiative by reaching out to us and starting the conversation.

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