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Cerberus Industry Solutions

The Cerberus industry-specific cybersecurity solutions provide businesses in all sectors with the protection needed to guard against any attacks. We help you prevent exposure, mitigate risk, and stop attacks in a way that is catered to the needs of each individual industry.

Learn more about Cerberus Sentinel Energy/Utilities, Healthcare, Federal/DOD Contracting, State, Local & Tribal Government and Business solutions.



Ransomware Prevention

Get help meeting compliance requirements from the experts.

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Oil & Gas

NERC-CIP Compliance

Cerberus’ cutting-edge security solutions help clients meet NERC-CIP requirements and stay compliant.

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Water Facilities

Cybersecurity for Water Facilities

Cerberus specializes in securing complex environments and core infrastructure that include SCADA or Industrial Control Systems.

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Ransomware Prevention for Healthcare

Start Protecting Your Healthcare Business and Reduce Financial Risk and Exposure.

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Healthcare Technology

Cyber Services

Meet technology goals with Security and HIPAA Compliance assuredness.

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Audit and risk assessments

HIPAA compliance is nonoptional for many organizations in the medical field. Failing to meet compliance can result in hefty fines. Cerberus provides assessments specific to HIPAA compliant.

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Federal/DOD Contracting

CMMC Certification

Get ahead of contractual and regulatory requirements.

CMMC compliance is mandatory for any outside organization that conducts business with the DoD and generates a significant amount of revenue from the contracts and/or projects that they are awarded.

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State, Local & Tribal Government

State, Local, Tribal, & Territorial Government

Protect & Empower Government Agencies

Cerberus has vast public sector experience to support departments and agencies at all levels.

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Ransomware Prevention

State and Local Government

Protect uptime, availability, payment systems, and citizen’s data.

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Prevention for Businesses

Ransomware Prevention Stack

Prevent Ransomware Disruption with Security Monitoring & Testing

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Film and Entertainment

Trusted Partner Network MPAA/CDSA

Cerberus can support you with TPN assessments, guidance, and even execution to ensure you don’t get left out of major films.

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