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About Cerberus Sentinel

We are a publicly traded cybersecurity company listed with ticker CISO. A nationwide provider of consulting and managed services, with offices and resources across the USA, we specialize in building a culture of awareness for our clients.

Founded with the belief that an acquisition approach is the best way to address the industry-wide skills gap. We are focused on cybersecurity, compliance, and the culture that drives success, acquiring world-class engineering talent who utilize the latest technology to create innovative solutions to protect even the most demanding businesses and governments against continuing and emerging threats.

David Jemmett

CEO & Founder

Dave Bennett

Chief Operating Officer

Deb Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Ashley Devoto

Chief Information Security Officer

Neil Stinchcombe

Chief Marketing Officer

Jerald Dawkins, PH.D.,

Chief Technology Officer

Darek Hahn

Chief of Staff

rotary Sanchez
Rory Sanchez


David Jemmett


Robert C. Oaks

Andy McCain

Scott Holbrook

Stephen Scott

Ashley Devoto

Kiki VanDeWeghe


“From demonstrating where our security “gaps” are, potential gaps to lookout for, and helping us drive a “cyber-centric” culture of protection and prevention, to understanding our physical gaps and limitations to be addressed, the Cerberus team really made a difference in our overall approach to security. ” 

Dan Hoose 
General Manager / Operating Partner 
Bob Hall, LLC 

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