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Managed Detection & Response

SentryMDR from Cerberus Sentinel provides around-the-clock protection for your endpoints, halting attacks before they reach your network.

Bringing together advanced threat feeds, behavior-based detection, and expert, certified security analysts, SentryMDR from Cerberus Sentinel delivers rapid, effective endpoint protection.

Cyberattacks typically begin with a compromised endpoint, before spreading through your infrastructure, evading security layers as they go. Whether the ultimate attack plan is a solitary malicious file, or much more complex and ambitious, an endpoint is usually the way in. This is the reason for the widespread usage of endpoint detection and response tools: we all want to stop attacks at first contact.

SentryMDR from Cerberus Sentinel extends your defenses out to your endpoints. Often deployed alongside Managed SIEM, it operates in a similar fashion, but goes further because standard antivirus is no longer sufficient to protect your endpoints, especially with teams working remotely or in hybrid environments. While SIEM gives you visibility across all of your security technologies, MDR provides visibility, rapid understanding, and response at the endpoint level, regardless of where your endpoints are being used. Combining these capabilities with the power of the Cerberus 24x7x365 Security Operations Center, MDR is a powerful tool for protecting your environment from attack.

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Many organizations choose to leverage both SentryMDR and SentrySIEM as part of a comprehensive stack (SentryXDR) but security professionals often find that incremental steps are beneficial to moving the security needle over time.

Replacing existing antivirus with MDR can improve your security posture right away, stopping attacks at the endpoint level with a single solution, while you continue to strengthen your security posture. Should your organization decide to expand your security monitoring strategy and implement SentryXDR down the line, you will already have part of the solution in-place, making rollout even simpler.

Both SentryMDR and SentrySIEM utilize Cerberus Sentinel’s combined enterprise security stacks and our Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts’ expertise.  

You came highly recommended to us, and we appreciate the peace of mind we have knowing you are monitoring our endpoints 24×7.

Quek Song, Vice President of IT

SentryMDR combines the expertise of around-the-clock certified security analysts with the power of automation, threat feeds, and Cerberus Sentinel’s analytical tool stack, to validate potential threats, gain a deeper understanding of attacks and make swift, appropriate and effective response decisions.

The SentryMDR incident remediation process:

  1. KILL: SentryMDR stops the execution of the suspect file.
  2. QUARANTINE: the file is encrypted and relocated to prevent it running again.
  3. SANDBOX: a Cerberus Sentinel SOC analyst test executes the file in a safe, isolated environment.
  4. REMEDIATE: if the file proves malicious, the quarantined file is securely deleted, along with any other files it has affected.
  5. ROLLBACK: using shadow copies, the affected system is rolled back to its previous state.

Cerberus Sentinel SOC Team Certifications

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Get Protected – TODAY

Cerberus Sentinel’s certified analysts have extensive real-world experience in cloud and on-premise security – engineering, management, analysis, penetration testing and remediation.

Every system is different and every organization unique, but in all environments, effective monitoring and response is fundamentally important to effective security.

Get SentryMDR from Cerberus Sentinel today.

Real-Time Visibility with the Cerberus Security Program Management platform

The Security Program Management platform from Cerberus Sentinel delivers a single pane of glass, real-time snapshot insight into all your managed services.

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  • Color-coded metrics immediately highlight issues
  • Every metric is clickable for further detail
  • Deep, clear endpoint security visibility
  • All your SentryMDR Dashboard details in one place
  • See how your MDR services map to compliance standards
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