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Cerberus Readiness & Resiliency Solutions

Our security experts and other industry leaders will partner with you to help create a culture of cybersecurity within your organization.  

Cerberus Sentinel provides security testing, attack simulation exercises, and training programs designed to increase your cybersecurity readiness and resiliency.

Penetration Testing


Penetration testing – ethical hacking – is a simulated cyber-attack against an enterprise. A pen test plays an integral part in an organization’s cybersecurity culture by discovering weaknesses or vulnerabilities so an implementation plan to remediate them.

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Annual Tabletop Exercises

Simulated Attacks

Attack simulations – war games – identify any gaps in an organization’s security landscape. Don’t be faced with a real-life emergency when it should have been prevented. We can identify critical gaps and weaknesses, help remediate those, and document new processes and procedures.

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Training Programs

Our training helps increase the effectiveness of your security program by investing in your team members’ capabilities. We offer hands-on training leveraging industry-relevant tools and proven instructional techniques.

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Each element of the Cerberus solution interconnects with one another to address the whole of your security landscape. This results in creating a culture of cybersecurity across your organization.