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Reduce the Stress Associated
With External Audit Support

Cerberus Audit Support not only saves your team time,
but simplifies your external audit process.

As part of ongoing managed compliance, our Cerberus Audit, Risk, and Compliance 
experts can work with your external auditors to provide documentation,
answer audit questions, and engage in audit interviews on your behalf.

We’re on Your Team When You Need Us Most

In the event of a more consequential audit, such as a HIPPA audit from the Office for Civil Rights, auditors will investigate your controls, policies, and processes you have implemented to protect ePHI and PHI. You will benefit in such a situation from relying on one of our Cerberus professional compliance auditors to answer questions on your behalf. For example, if they identify an area of concern, but a security professional is able to provide them with substantive evidence that you have already identified and are addressing related risks, this documentation can satisfy concerns. Without prior knowledge of what auditors are looking for, however, you could inadvertently put your organization in harm’s way by providing the wrong or not enough information.

Audit-Specific Benefits of Cerberus Managed Compliance Services

When auditors ask questions, they are typically looking for very specific information, and how answers are worded, as well as the documentation provided, can make all the difference in their evaluation. As experienced auditors, the Cerberus Audit, Risk and Compliance team members are uniquely prepared to answer on your behalf.

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Get Started with Cerberus Sentinel

When you engage Cerberus for ongoing, managed compliance, you can rest assured that our experts will help you address your security risks with compliance requirements in mind. This means that you will benefit from both a strengthened security posture, but the steps we help your organization take will also be geared to help you effectively and efficiently meet compliance.